The Metropolitan Museum Of Art: A Grand Sanctuary Of Global Artistic Heritage

Established in the heart of New York City in 1870, the Metropolitan Museum of Art stands as one of the most significant art museums in the world. Commonly known as ‘The Met’, this grand institution houses over 2 million works of art that span a journey of 5,000 years, celebrating human creativity from across the globe.

Famous for its immensely diverse and comprehensive collection, The Met is a testament to the power of art and the integral role it plays in human history and culture. Indeed, the museum’s collection encompasses an enormous expanse, including art from almost every civilization, era, and medium. With items as varied as ancient Roman statues, African masks, Renaissance paintings, and Middle Eastern calligraphy, the Metropolitan Museum of Art immerses visitors in a visually stunning trek through time and place.

The museum boasts a physical presence that rivals its vast collection. Occupying an impressive 2 million square feet space, it consists of three sites: The Met Fifth Avenue, The Met Breuer for modern and contemporary art, and The Met Cloisters, dedicated to medieval European art and architecture. The primary building, The Met Fifth Avenue, presents an architectural masterpiece itself, designed in a neoclassical style by the architects Calvert Vaux and Jacob Wrey Mould.

Among the museum’s vast holdings is its notable collection of Indigenous art. A particularly historical and significant component of Indigenous art is the Australian Aboriginal artwork, a key area where the Coo-ee Art Website assists researchers, art aficionados, and casual visitors in understanding authenticity, provenance and artistry of these works. The Coo-ee Art Website is an essential resource for those looking to deepen their appreciation for this unique artistic tradition, providing a much-needed context for its historical and cultural significance.

The Met’s dedication to education is equally impressive, offering academic programs, symposia, lectures, and workshops aimed at educating the public, students, and scholars on the various domains of art. It reaches beyond its physical visitors, with an online collection and digital initiatives that make art accessible to a global audience. The Met’s digital presence is noteworthy, featuring extensive online galleries and offering hefty resources for educational programming and research.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art also organizes temporary exhibitions throughout the year, where they display significant works from other institutions and private collections. These special exhibitions often highlight specific artists, art movements, or themes, providing another layer of richness to the vast array of art contained within the walls of this treasured institution.

The Met not only holds the role as a custodian of the world’s artistic heritage but also plays a keen role in driving discourses on contemporary issues. One example is its annual Met Gala, an imposing, glamorous event that showcases contemporary fashion as an art form, affirming its commitment to the broader scope of what constitutes ‘art’.

Undeniably, the Metropolitan Museum of Art stands as an enduring symbol of humanity’s shared history and artistic endeavor. Its extensive and inclusive range of collections continues to inspire, educate, and provide joy to visitors from around the world. Whether you are an art historian, school student, encountered artist, or casual visitor, the Met offers a unique and enriching experience, each visit a journey through the corridors of time, each artwork a page in the comprehensive narrative of human creativity.

A New Kitchen Table Is All You Need

By Jesse Akre

If your eating area is looking a little tired and perhaps even a bit unappetizing, a new kitchen table is all you need. Thats because a kitchen table is such an essential piece of furniture and with the right addition and perhaps a fresh coat of paint, a new kitchen table is all you need, really.

As you know, the right kitchen table can cause your family to abandon the tray tables in front of the TV and head back to the dining area. In fact, a new kitchen table is all you need to bring back the good old days when families dined together.

And who wouldnt, with a lovely kitchen table and matching chairs calling them to come to dinner. When choosing a kitchen table, you want it to have plenty of space for spreading out. While you dont want to get one too big for the space you have available, you do want plenty of room for holiday dishes. As you know, there never seems to be enough room for everything a family loves to eat during family gatherings.

A new kitchen table is all you need, perhaps, to become the new gathering place for your family. Pick a kitchen table that has removable leaves and you can gather the whole family around one table, rather than having a main table and a kids table. When the family is over, add all the leaves. When they leave, put the table back to its usual size.

A lot of families get a table when they move into their first home. Unfortunately, families have a way of growing over the years and a once spacious table that comfortably sat the two of you is now crowded with wee ones. Initially, its no problem, since the kids are in high chairs. But once they graduate to the main table, a new kitchen table is all you need to all feel comfortable during dinner time.

Of course, you could just get a larger table to begin with, but no two houses seem to have the same dimensions, so the table that fit perfectly in your old kitchen or dining area may be too big or too small for the new home. In these cases, a new kitchen table is all you need to have the perfect size for the new home. Why, with a little savvy shopping, you can find a table that looks as if it were custom made for your home.

If a new kitchen table is all you need, you can look online for one. This is a real time saver as you can effortlessly shop for different sizes and different styles. A smart idea is to copy and paste your favorites into a folder on your computer so you can print them out and think about which table will fit best in your home. Just remember where you copied the photos from so you can find the table of your dreams once youve made your decision.

As you do your shopping, dont overlook the chairs. Dining room chairs may be sold as part of a set or may be sold separately. This allows you to mix and match the table and chairs, or select some chairs that are armless and others that have arms. Some chairs also come with different cushion colors, so you can mix and match the colors as well to create a more eclectic and vibrant dining area.

One things for sure. A kitchen table is a great addition to your home. Not only does it serve as a gathering place for your family during the holiday, but it also brings back fond memories of the days when every family gathered around the table to enjoy dinner and share their day.

About the Author: Jesse Akre owns Edenvale Shoppes and hosts numerous furniture and furnishings for any home whether it be

kitchen tables


pot racks

styles and designs.


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Why A Bbq Smoker In Favour Of The Gas Grills?}

Why a BBQ Smoker in favour of the Gas Grills?


BBQ Grill Man

So why would I buy a BBQ Smoker, and how is it different from a charcoal grill or the ever more popular range of gas grills.

To sum it up the principal behind the BBQ smoker is low and slow. This process of cooking your favourite cuts of meat low and slow gives them the moistest and juiciest finish. The reason for this is that you cook on a lower heat for a longer period of time.

There are different types of smokers, charcoal, electric and gas each with its own unique outcome in terms of taste and cooking effort. My personal favourite is the charcoal BBQ Smoker. Unlike the gas or electric versions where you can basically switch on and forget till the end, the charcoal BBQ Smoker requires a little effort but the final rewards are well worth it. You will have to make regular barbecue visits to check items like temperature, quality of the coals and adjust the temperature by adding or removing coals.

You can add wood chips like apple, cherry, hickory, mesquite and oak or your personal combination of these woodchips for that personal taste that will have all the friends begging for your recipe at the next barbecue. During the low and slow process the smoke from these wood chips will penetrate the meat and give the meat the most succulent aromas and flavours. This accompanied by the low and slow cooking process will make sure that your meat will be tender and simply fall from the bone.

You can experiment with many different wood chips and meat options to create your own personal favourite smoker recipe. Be sure to make a note of these combinations as nothing is more frustrating than creating that perfect combination but not quite remembering what combination of wood chips or meat you used.

When looking to buy there are many BBQ Smokers to choose from, as I said earlier I prefer the traditional charcoal BBQ Smoker but you might prefer a gas or an electric smoker for convenience.

You can find more information on this and many other BBQ Smoker, Charcoal Grill and Gas Grills range by clicking on these links.

If you enjoy a barbecue as much as we do, please check out our links for a comprehensive range of Gas Grills, BBQ Smoker and Charcoal Grill including the Weber Grill,

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Finding The Best Doctor Near Me

When it comes to finding a doctor near you, it can sometimes be a challenging task. Whether you have just moved to a new city or you are simply looking for a specialist in a particular field, it’s important to find a doctor who meets your specific needs and preferences. One such doctor who has garnered a strong reputation is Dr. Richard Zoumalan.

Why is it Important to Find a Doctor Near Me?

Having a doctor within close proximity can bring several advantages. Here are a few reasons why finding a doctor near you is important:

  • Convenience: Accessing healthcare services becomes more convenient when your doctor’s clinic or office is nearby. It eliminates the need for long commutes or extensive travel, particularly when you’re feeling unwell.
  • Follow-up Appointments: Many medical conditions require multiple visits to the doctor. Having a doctor near you makes it easier to manage follow-up appointments and maintain continuity of care.
  • Emergency Situations: In urgent situations where immediate medical attention is required, having a doctor nearby can make a significant difference in saving lives or preventing serious complications.

What to Consider When Searching for a Doctor Near Me

When searching for a doctor near you, it’s vital to consider a few important factors:

  • Specialization: Determine the type of doctor you need based on your specific health concerns. Whether you require a primary care physician, a specialist, or a surgeon like Dr. Richard Zoumalan, having a clear understanding of the expertise required helps narrow down your search.
  • Reputation and Experience: Look for doctors who have a good reputation and extensive experience in their respective fields. Check patient reviews and testimonials to gain insights into the quality of care provided.
  • Proximity: Consider the proximity of the doctor’s location in relation to your home or workplace. Having a doctor nearby not only saves time but also reduces stress, especially during emergencies or when making multiple visits.
  • In-Network Insurance: If you have health insurance, ensure that the doctor you choose is in-network. This helps avoid unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Personal Compatibility: It’s essential to find a doctor with whom you feel comfortable discussing your medical concerns openly. This open communication ensures that you receive the best possible care.

Dr. Richard Zoumalan: A Renowned Specialist

Dr. Richard Zoumalan is a highly regarded specialist in his field, known for his expertise and dedication to patient care. With years of experience, Dr. Zoumalan has become a trusted name in the medical community.

As a facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Richard Zoumalan specializes in cosmetic and reconstructive procedures related to the face, including rhinoplasty, facelifts, and eyelid surgery. His meticulous attention to detail, combined with his artistic approach, helps him achieve natural-looking results that enhance his patients’ appearance.

Dr. Zoumalan is committed to personalized patient care, taking the time to understand each patient’s unique goals and concerns. He believes in providing comprehensive education and guidance, empowering patients to make well-informed decisions about their treatment options.


When searching for a doctor near you, it’s crucial to consider factors such as specialization, reputation, proximity, insurance, and personal compatibility. A great example of a renowned specialist is Dr. Richard Zoumalan, a facial plastic surgeon known for his exceptional skills and patient-centered approach.

By finding the right doctor near you, you can ensure convenient access to healthcare services, better manage follow-up appointments, and receive prompt attention during emergencies. Take the time to research and choose a doctor who aligns with your needs and preferences, and prioritize your health and well-being.

With A Professional Video Editing Company In Lexington Ky Your Corporate Video Will Impress

byAlma Abell

The use of video production to enhance the efforts of any corporation has been well documented. With the use of video materials, human resources departments can train new employees. When showing video footage to new business clients, these customers will be able to visualize what you are trying to say. Should your company be dealing with real estate or property of any kind, then the addition of video onto your web pages is definitely the way to impress potential buyers.

With the increased use of digital media and personal mobile devices, consumers are now able to take their own videos. While this method may be suitable for personal use, it is not the way to draw attention to your company and its services. With the equipment and expertise of a Video Editing Company in Lexington KY you can have the resources you need. Their team of editors and video directors will also be able to work with you to make sure the video footage you have gets your point across.

Another benefit to working with a Video Editing Company in Lexington KY is being able to take advantage of their many other specialties. A professional video team has the skill to perfectly perform a variety of duties. This is not only for the straight forward videos used by corporations, but for the filming of important personal events. To ascertain if this is true, all anyone needs to do is watch a professionally edited wedding video and then sit through one that has been put together by well meaning friends.

Much of this has to do with the use of professional grade equipment, and the flattering lighting used by those individuals who know how to attain correct camera angles. Your enjoyment of this video also depends on the sound quality obtained and professionals in the field have the ability to properly capture this as well. After all the footage has been assembled, skillful editing adds to its video design.

To learn more about professional video and editing services, take a look at the examples posted by First String Media. Visit the Website at to ask for a consultation and make your own video efforts become something special.

Choose Your Perfect Havana Hotel

Submitted by: Emma Lelliott

With five centuries of architectural delights and a unique culture and atmosphere that is simply unforgettable, Havana is one of the leading attractions in Cuba, or even in the whole Caribbean. It attracts visitors of all casts and colours; romantics, writers, films stars, socialites, and professional businessmen all find themselves drawn to the charms of the city.

If you are looking for a Havana hotel you ll be spoilt for choice, with dozens of outstanding accommodation options to choose from. If you really want to enjoy a stay in Cuba s capital to the fullest possibility, its best to find one that is matched to your personality.

So, what kind of a Cuban traveller are you?

The Romantic

Havana is a seductive city of music, dance, and vibrant nightlife, and a romantic on holiday in Havana will need a seductive hotel to call home. There are numerous intimate boutique hotels in Cuba s capital, but Hotel Condes De Villanueva stands out from the rest with its scattering of rooms, interior courtyards, and excellent service, it is the perfect place for romantics on a Havana holiday.

The Writer

Perhaps you are travel writer looking to experience the real Cuba, a novelist thirsty for inspiration, or a poet in search of a Caribbean muse. Any writer who is looking for a Havana hotel will inevitably be drawn to the city s most literary choice of accommodation Ambos Mundos. The hotel of choice for Ernest Hemingway (who wrote extensively in room 511), this art deco hotel is located in the heart of Havana and is the ideal place for writers to find inspiration.

The Film Star

Over the years, some of the world s biggest film stars have flocked to Havana, drawn by the glamour and allure of one of the Caribbean s most fascinating cities. There are plenty of five star Havana hotels that have played host to the stars, but one stands out from the rest the Nacional. Dominating Havana s skyline as it looms over the Malecon, the Nacional has played host to Marlon Brando, Buster Keaton and Errol Flynn, and is also the base of operations of Havana s International Film Festival.

The Socialite

In the 1930 s and 50 s, American and European socialites flocked to the Cuban capital, and if you d like to enjoy a taste of the old glory, book a stay at the Saratoga hotel. It was the centre of the social scene back in the day, and has been transformed in recent years into one of the finest hotels in Havana, with the opulent Cigar Lounge the best place to relive the 1950 s vibe.

The Business Man

If you have come to the Caribbean on business, the Melia Habana will be the perfect Havana hotel for you. Close to the airport, within striking distance of the city centre, and offering five star luxury in a handsome modern building, the Melia Habana is as professional and practical a hotel as you could ask for.

About the Author: Emma Lelliott is the general manager of Captivating Cuba, an independent specialist in luxury holidays to Cuba. With offices in Havana and the UK, Captivating Cuba can help you book a stay at the perfect

Havana hotel



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Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella Has Appointed Cristina Mexia As The New Sales &Amp; Marketing Director

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella has appointed Cristina Mexia as the new Sales & Marketing Director


Jumping Spider Media

Mexia, with more than fifteen years experience in the hotel business, states that her main objective is to promote sales at all levels to different sectors, opening new markets and diversifying the existing ones.

Marbella, 15th September 2009- Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella, one of the most exclusive five star hotels on the Costa del Sol, announces the appointment of Cristina Mexia as the new Sales & Marketing Director.

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella, renowned for product and service excellence is extremely selective when recruiting the Ladies and Gentleman who work for the company. The hotel trusts in Cristina s potential to maintain the market growth obtained since the opening in 2003. Alejandro Helbling, the hotel s General Manager, states that it was very important to choose someone who knows very well the Costa del Sol as a destination and also the luxury hotel business. It is also important for us to take into account our leaders personal qualities and their capability of working in challenging times, as is the current situation. .

Cristina Mexia has outstanding experience of more than fifteen years in the luxury tourist and hotel business. She has been Sales & Marketing Director at prestigious five star hotels in Germany, Madrid and on the Costa del Sol. She has excellent communication skills, speaking five languages, and an impressive negotiation aptitude. Daughter of an American mother and a Spanish father, she learned since very young the rich diversity of cultures around the globe. With fifteen years old she already knew her vocation for the hotel business, which has encouraged her to complete a Tourism degree at Centro Espa ol de Nuevas Profesiones and a master course in Hotel Management at the Universidad Polit cnica in Madrid.

Cristina considers it a great opportunity to be part of a luxury hotel, managed by a leading American company. I am very proud of joining Hotel Villa Padierna, not only because it is one of the most beautiful hotels I have seen during my fifteen years of experience, but also because it is very exciting to work for the premier worldwide provider of luxury experiences .

Cristina is conscious about the challenge that the current market situation means for the hotel business and states that even with Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella reaching excellent occupation levels during the past few years, the sales and marketing team must continue innovating and optimising all its resources in a proactive way in order to promote sales at all levels.

There is no doubt that her experience, persistence and professionalism will allow her to successfully reach this challenge and to continue promoting the Costa del Sol and Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella as one of the best destinations within Spain either for holidays or for business.

Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella

The luxury five star hotel in Marbella, Hotel Villa Padierna, Marbella offers a personalised service and the best facilities on the Costa del Sol. Located at the Flamingos Golf Resort, its two 18 hole golf courses make of it one of the main golf hotels in Marbella, and its impressive Thermae Spa is considered one of the best luxury spas in Marbella.

This hotel is also an ideal conference venue in Marbella, perfect for company events and special celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries, incentive trips and product launch venues on the Costa del Sol, with more than 1,000 square metres of reception rooms and terraces and also with its own stunning Roman Amphitheatre.

Editor s Note: Hotel Villa Padierna is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all enquiries to Louise Byrne. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

Editor s Note: Hotel Villa Padierna is represented by the digital marketing specialists and SEO provider Jumping Spider Media. Please direct all enquiries to Louise Byrne. Email: or call: +44 (0)20 3070 1959 / +34 952 783 637.

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Dangers Associated With Cosmetic Surgery

Dangers Associated with Cosmetic Surgery



Some of the dangers are also associated with cosmetic surgery which may be beneficial and in the other case it may also be harmful for many people too. Cosmetic surgery is the type of surgery that is being increasing on a greater extent and it is being liked by many people too and on the other hand it is also becoming more and more popular among many people. Most of the people living in this world prefer to use cosmetic surgery as it gives greater and beneficial results to people and it also tries to make people look smart and best at any cost.

Undergoing through the cosmetic surgery may lead some of the dangerous effects on people and those effects can somehow be a bit hazardous for the health of people though. People must know about all the dangers and risk of all the surgeries and same happens o be with the cosmetic surgery too. Before the treatment its dangers must be known by people and then the person must decide about the undergoing of the treatment. Through this all the benefits and negative aspects of the surgery would be known and hence then people can get good and better results. Pain had been found to be one of the major danger that most of the people may have to suffer when undergoing the treatment and in many cases after the undergoing of the treatment people may have to suffer from the pain afterwards too.


Pain is a sort of danger that is given to people in most cases and in some cases this may not be true. Through the introduction of pain in the body of people, the daily activities of the person are disturbed to a larger e and in order to get relief from the pain, the person can use any sort of medicines regarding the pain and in other cases an ice pack may also help to reduce pain too. The main may be revisited for a longer time period and the entire life of the person is disturbed. On the other hand while undergoing the surgery the person may have to suffer from sort of complications which as a result make the surgery a problem for the surgeon but the great and expert surgeons can handle each and every type of surgery. In this case the after effects of the surgery may not be up to the expectations of people as some of the complications were aroused in the surgery.

To avoid all these happenings and complications it is the duty of the person to contact the best suitable person for the cosmetic surgery and even the person must ensure that the hospital where that person is going must also be a renowned one and on the other hand it must also possess some of the experts for the treatment of the surgery. Many methods of cosmetic surgery can be found by people but in some cases those methods may be harmful for the person and somewhat may also be difficult too.


Dermatologist Alexandria


Dermatologist Bethesda

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Top 10 Reasons Stock Market Will Fall In 2011

By Bruno

The following are the Top 10 reasons the stock market will fall to realistic levels by the end of 2011.

1. Unemployment

The unemployment number has fluctuated between 9.5% and 10% for two years. When President Obama came into office, he promised to create jobs and get the unemployment rate down to 8%. Put simply, he has failed.

2. Real Estate

Many economists feel that real estate is the key to the economy. This might be true, but other powers at work are attempting to make the stock market the key to the economy. As long as the stock market can be artificially inflated, the optimism of the public can be maintained. For those who are realists, it would be important to look at real estate performance, which has been poor. Real estate prices have decreased 8% year over year (2009-2010). Signs point to continued weak performance. Real estate is now officially in deflation mode.

3. QE2

Do you remember when Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernake said that we are facing ‘unusual uncertainty?’ This was in the middle of 2010. Did everything get better that fast? Obviously not. If that were the case, what would have been the point of QE2? Bernake has even brought up QE3, which would only increase our debt to even more unfathomable levels.


4. Deleveraging

Since the public is fed up with reckless spending, it’s not likely that a QE3 will take place. Those in the reckless crowd will not be happy about this, but those who are prudent and wise will agree that deleveraging is the right course of action. Paying down our debt – not adding to it – is the only long-term solution to solving our current economic woes. When money is going toward the repayment of debt, it means less money is being spent. This will lead to a deflationary scenario throughout the broader economy, which will in turn hurt the stock market. Deleveraging is painful in the short-term, but it gets to the root of the problem.

5. Unemployment Benefits

At the end of 2010, more than 2 million people will lose their unemployment benefits. This is almost 1% of the population, which might not sound like much, but it will have a tremendous affect on spending. When the public doesn’t spend, prices decrease, which is yet another example of deflation.

6. Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are the biggest spenders in history. They are now retiring in record numbers. Since they will have to live off retirement money and decreased incomes, they will not be spending nearly as much money as they had in the past. This will have a massive affect on spending.

7. Fed Out of Ammo

Ben Bernake once stated that he would drop money out of a helicopter if necessary. He has certainly started the engine. However, if the stock market faces some turbulence in the near future, he doesn’t have nearly as much ammo as he did in the past to combat falling prices.

8. Banks Hiding Debt

This is not necessarily a fact, but many people close to those who work in the nation’s biggest banks claim that trillions of dollars of debt are being hidden. Yes, that is ‘trillions’ with a ‘t.’ This is also likely to be the subject of a WikiLeaks document that is supposed to be released at some point in January 2011. If this document is released, the financial sector of the stock market could face turmoil that rivals the summer of 2008.

9. Outflow

The stock market has seen a record amount of outflow in 2010. The reason the market has still managed to perform well is because heavy-volume traders have been playing the uptrend. However, when the trend changes, support will be absent.

10. Geopolitical Issues.

With rising tensions between North Korea and South Korea, uranium enrichment in Iran, instability in Pakistan, and continued efforts to destroy our infrastructure by Al-Qaeda and other terrorist networks, the stock market will have a lot on its mind.

Conclusion: Going into 2011 in bull mode might prove disastrous. Even if the stock market maintains its ground, the downside potential is much greater than the upside. Invest wisely.

About the Author: Bruno is a Internet marketing consultant and author. His job is to make money online by learning other marketers how to make money online with SEO, social media marketing and how to make money blogging.


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How To Overcome Marketing Challenges For The Real Estate Agent And Investor}

How To Overcome Marketing challenges For The Real Estate Agent And Investor


Roberto Bell

Becoming successful marketer is not an easy job, specially if you are new to the game. You will face many challenges until you find the right marketing formula that works best for you.

In marketing, you will face many hurdles and you will run campaigns that pull disappointing response if any at all. When that happens, and it will, you should evaluate the three cornerstones of marketing and adjust your next campaign accordingly.

Let us look at some common challenges Agents and Investors face.

“I do not know where to start”

This is probably the most common challenge Real Estate Investors and Real Estate Realtors face. It is not isolated to the Real Estate Industry, every business in every industry has the same challenge.

You should start by deciding who are you going to target. This is the most important piece of information you need, without it the campaign will fail.

It is obvious that we are looking for either buyers or sellers. Lets take the sellers as an example. You will minimize your marketing costs if you know who wants to sell and you only market to them.

Here are some lists you can target:


Expired Listings: The challenge with expired listings is to find out what was the problem and why it did not sell, then solve that problem.

For Sale By Owner (FSBO): Majority of FSBOs end up getting listed. You need to establish yourself with them early in the game and stay in contact with them till the house sells, or they list it.

For Rent By Owner (FRBO): There are many who think they can make money by renting their house, or because their listing expired and they are trying to avoid making second mortgage payment. If the house does not rent, they might be motivated to sell.

Notice of Default (NOD): Also known as Preforeclosure. It is a list of people who have received a notice of pending foreclosure and they need to bring the balance current, give the house back to the bank, or sell.

Another form of marketing is by doing a campaign based on georaphic location. This is known as the shotgun approach where you pick a geographic location and market to it. To maximize your marketing, you need to set specific parameters. House Size, House Price Range, Location, Years Living In The House.

Pick one or more of the above, and market to them. But you have to be patient and consistent to see the results.

“I do not know what to say in my sales letter”

Once you decide on one or more marketing lists, you need to design a marketing message specific to each list. If you are not used to writing sales letters, it might be a little intimidating at first, but it is not difficult to overcome.

One quick way to write a good sales letter, is to start by writing down what a prospect from each of this list is looking for service wise, what might they be concerned about, and why should they do business with you.Then for each item you list, write your answer to each of these points.

Make sure to highlight the benefits of working with you. They should feel that you are the solution they are looking for so compelled to contact you immediately.

Revise it over and over until you have a sales letter. Then move to the second and third and so on.

“I am afraid to spend all my money and not get a deal”

The only way to overcome monetary concerns is to budget and work within this budget. Do controlled tests and watch the response. Once you have a monthly budget, work backward to establish how many mailing pieces you can mail a month.

The key is to test a message or marketing campaign though. The more targeted you get, and the better the sales letter gets, the higher the response will be. And it goes without saying, the more you mail, the higher the chances of a response.

There is no guarantee that you will get a return on every mail you send. It is numbers game. As you get more experienced and start noticing patterns in response, you will feel much better about mailing and will know how to do very successful campaigns and predict the response.

A general rule of thumb, and this highly depends on who you target, how convincing you are, and how you target them, you should estimate between 0.5% to 3% response rate. If your responses are not within this range, then you need to tweak your campaign.

“I do not know what to send them”

What you send them will highly depend on your marketing budget and how organized you are.

The quickest upfront setup would be to send out letters and use mail merge to personalize the letters. You can do it on demand from home. The challenge with using letters is the time it takes to stuff envelopes and address them.

You could do it yourself, or if you are too busy making deals, hire someone to do it. If you hire someone, pay them per envelope and not per hour. However, you should start by doing it yourself to know what is involved and to save money.

Another effective alternative is to use post cards. You should design a good post card that adheres to the same concepts you use in your sales letters. Dont just make the post card and over sized business card with nifty graphics of a house Prospects are not interested in pretty pictures, they want to sell!

If you have some graphics experience, you can design your own or hire someone to design them for you. I like to design my own post cards because I can constantly tweak them. I use photoshop to do so, but that is a personal preference.

Usually companies online are cheaper than local print shops. They also have templates you can use. If you go this route, order a small amount. Do not go with the large quantity for the discount per postcard before you test the response.

Fadi Zeidan is an active Real Estate Agent and Investor. Besides providing monthly training to new Investors and Realtor, he maintains a successful Marketing blog on his website

. Fadi Zeidan brings in his Marketing knowledge from various industries to the Real Estate arena to help Agents and Investors formulate successful campaigns.

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How To Overcome Marketing challenges For The Real Estate Agent And Investor }

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