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A Guide To Ugly Christmas Sweaters And Parties}

Submitted by: Jack McCarthy

The Ugly Christmas Sweater trend has reached epidemic proportions and has no sign of stopping. Similar to Facebook, “old people” are jumping on the bandwagon… that is, old people who can distinguish between a serious and satirical Ugly Christmas Sweater-wearer. So how exactly do you throw an unforgettable ugly Christmas sweater party? I will guide you though the steps:


Be sure everyone knows about your holiday bash by inviting them weeks in advance. This can be done in a multitude of ways, but I recommend inviting them, reminding them and getting them extremely pumped for the big day – which means communicate across multiple platforms! My favorites: Facebook Event Invites, Facebook Messages, CoCoDot Digital Invitations, RedStamp app reminders and sometimes even cute little printed postcards.

If you are feeling like Martha Stewart, get creative and make your own! You can make mini sweaters with flaps that open up to reveal all of the details. Or maybe a boarding pass to the North Pole would be more your style. Take out the arts & crafts and make the invites personal!

Party Planning

Get the typical Christmas tune-age going. Mix the classy classics with the tacky tunes and don’t forget to include “Baby, It’s Cold Outside” at least twice. The later in the playlist the higher the chance of an impromptu duet; it’s a statistically-proven direct correlation.

Party Deco

When you are decking the halls, it is important to mix the traditional holiday season swag with some obnoxious random decorations, helping create a not-too-serious vibe. You might consider a “Pin the nose on the reindeer” wall hanging and a booty-shaking battery-operated Santa doll. If you have too much time on your hands: line your walkway with candy canes on both sides to make your very own Candy Cane Lane. OMG can you say “cuteness?!”

Party Prizes

As we’ve mentioned time and again, the whole point of these parties is “winning.” Charlie Sheen may be #winning with the most Twitter followers, but believe it or not, there are more important things in life! Like taking the title of owning the UGLIEST Christmas sweater. Not everyone is aware that these parties are not just fun and games. But after your first sweater shindig, you will know what to expect and you’ll make a point to step up your sweater game.

Why don a dumb one if you can have the most tantalizingly tacky, conversation-starting, ridiculously rowdy, over-the-top UGLY sweater?

Stroke your sweater-sporting guests egos by awarding a series of awards, prizes, badges, buttons or makeshift trophies.

And there you have it, the most important components when it comes to throwing best themed party of them all – The Ugly Christmas Sweater Party! Have a holly jolly, very merry, unbelievably ugly Christmas this year!


Once you have the party planned, youll need to get the sweaters! Ugly Christmas Sweaters can be found at thrift stores, your mothers closets, or online. The best we found came from the Ultimate Ugly Christmas Sweater store. Many imposters have popped up, but they have the ugliest and take time to model, name, and satirically describe each and every sweater.

About the Author: Jack McCarthy is the Founder and CEO of

where you can find the ugliest Ugly Christmas Sweaters around.


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Wool Jumpers A Trend Of Fashion}

Wool Jumpers a Trend of Fashion


CasaveenFashion is a continually moving process which comes and goes along with the time. Some gets complicated with every new trend of fashion and others get more and more excited and eager to know the latest trends of fashion. Besides, fashion is a thing that always come and goes, and sometimes there are chances that old fashion comes back again. For instance, it is generally acceptable in the market if you wear regular trousers and knitwear as a pair. And at the same moment wool jumpers have made a big come back, which has turn out to be ongoing fashion now. Earlier in the past this kind of fabrics were associated and considered as the old people’s clothing, but not anymore as many clothes have gone through a lot of make overs; cardigans, sweaters and jumpers are just to name the few. In fact, these clothes are been altered and modified as per the modern standards in order to create and match the modern attractive looks and lifestyles.

Wool is one of those fashion fabrics that has made a huge come back in the fashion world since a long time, and back then it was considered as the ideal clothing for elder persons. And since the wool has made its return in the market, it is been incorporated with more unique colours, styles, size and of course with variety of clothing. This has resulted into the worldwide demand of woollen materials, and as a matter of fact wool has become so widespread that it has even hit several catwalk shows. On the other hand, its demand has increased so much that it has even replaced and took over many man made fabrics. For instance, wool jumpers which are gaining its popularity day by day and are becoming famous for providing best comfort, warmth and style all together.

Moreover, wool is considered as the environment friendly material, and even Prince Charles was once got involved in the promotion campaigns encouraging the manufacturers to use such environment friendly materials. For designers, well woollen designers are always under pressure to bring new ideas, concepts and their impressive skills to change the classic look of woollen materials and design the modern and stylish woollen products such as wool jumpers, cardigans and sweaters. And when it comes to these woollen products (jumpers, cardigans and sweaters), you will find many reasons that why should you preferred woollen materials as compared to others.

Wool jumpers are designed to keep you warm and comfortable, and are the perfect wear during cold seasons. In case if someone is telling you that certain styles are already gone than don’t believe them because classic looks have been redesigned nowadays and are becoming the latest trends of fashion.

Fashion is a continually moving process which comes and goes along with the time. Apart from providing you with warmth and comfort, wool jumpers also features many unique designing, styles and colours, which have led them to be the latest trend of fashion.

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wool jumpers

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