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Reasons To Having Your Heating Unit Inspected In Lake Oswego In The Summer Months

byAlma Abell

Winter has hit hard this year, all around the globe, and many people who didn’t have the Heating in Lake Oswego professionals come out and inspect, and repair, their heating units early are doing without heat. The contractors are super busy this winter season and people are having to wait to get their heat fixed in the middle of snow storms and freezing conditions.

All of that could be avoided however, if you call in the Heating in Lake Oswego professionals during the summer months to take care of the Heating in Lake Oswego that you use during the winter. Below you will find some reasons why you should have your heating unit repaired in the summer, instead of waiting for the first snowfall.

Heating contractors are pretty much dead during the winter months, so you will have no problem getting a heating professional to come out to your home to inspect your unit for you. Once the winter starts they become extremely busy and you are apt to have to wait days for them to get to you on their list. If you have the unit inspected in the summertime, you will be comfortable in thinking that you will have heat when the temperature plummets.

Another great reason to have your unit inspected during the summer is contractors often offer discounts to customers during that time. They are slow during that time of year anyway, and you are apt to get a huge discount on inspection, and even any repairs that are needed.

If you are thinking about waiting to have your unit inspected until the beginning of winter, think about it carefully. You will, of course, turn on your unit on those nippy mornings, and doing so without it being inspected first can be dangerous for you and your family. Many fires have been started during the winter, because people failed to get their heating units inspected. Err on the side of caution and get the unit taken care of when the weather is still warm. Having your furnace needs taken care of in the summer just makes good common and good financial sense. Contact Oregon Heating & A/C for more information.

The Hazards Of Hazing}

Submitted by: Pamela Sherrod

Tears rolled down my cheeks when I read about the death of Penn State student, Timothy Piazza. This happened every time there was news about a fraternity or sorority hazing incident that had ended in tragedy. I knew that many people wondered how these horrific accidents happened, and why college students would put themselves at risk for physical injuries, emotional abuses, and very dangerous situations. I thought of the students whod been hurt over the years and left college carrying emotional scars that theyd kept silent about. Then, I thought about my own.

My relatives always believed in getting a higher education and when they attended college, several of them chose to become members of Greek letter organizations. They were proud of their affiliations and encouraged me to pledge a sorority when I, too, attended college. This was because, in the African-American community, many of the most highly regarded professionals and community leaders belonged to Greek fraternities and sororities. From the earliest years of their existence, their accomplishments had always provided a great deal of pride and inspiration to the young and old, alike.

So, when I headed to Howard University in 1977, my mind was already made up. Like many women, my greatest dream was of my future wedding day, but my daydreams about Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority came very close behind it. Id had several hip surgeries which had disrupted my schooling and social life and it left me with a strong need to feel accepted. I was sure that being a sorority girl, with all the popularity that provided, would compensate for all of my inadequacies. It would help repair my damaged sense of self-esteem.

Back then, I was very nave about what I was getting into. As I prepared for my initiation, I had no idea that Id one day record write a book about my stormy life experiences and that my hazing ordeal would be near the top of the list. I would never have believed that Id break my vow of secrecy to share insights about pledging and warn youths about the dangers involved.

Unfortunately, Id never received such a warning. When I attended the AKA Rush, no one prepared me for the violence that Id encounter and the exhaustive all-night hazing sessions. Nor was I warned of the grueling hours Id spend standing in the snow or the brutal emotional abuses Id face. Like many other prospective members, Id seen only a group of stunning women, their impressive sorority house, and the glow of their smiles as they spoke of their accomplishments. So, what was there to fear?

I never knew that pledging could lead to emotional scars that would remain for many years. I never thought that my school grades would drop, along with my attention to my work. I didnt expect to deal with severe depression or the replaying of traumatizing encounters. However, Id quickly learn that joining a sorority could be a very expensive undertaking and the dues you paid werent limited to the financial costs.

Even years after my initiation, Id still hear the terrifying echo of a womans frantic screams during one of the most shocking experiences Id ever witness. One night, a sorority member suffered a complete nervous breakdown right in the middle of a hazing stunt. During those frightful moments, the sadistic game that theyd begun suddenly turned into a crisis that they werent prepared to handle. If this scene wasnt horrific enough, about a week later, another woman who was pledging with me ended up in the hospital.

To this day, Im not sure how I managed to get through that grueling experience. It was already a harrowing season when one of the worst blizzards to hit the Washington D.C. area began. All the major businesses were shut down and our classes were canceled.

During that week, a few of my line sisters and I went to McDonald’s to get food for two sorority sisters, but then we discovered that one order of French fries was missing. Terrified, we quickly apologized and offered to return to McDonald’s. As I started to put my coat on, I felt a sudden shock. Ice cold fluids ran down my face, neck, and back. I realized that one of the women had emptied her large Coca-Cola over my head. Paralyzed, I stood there as she screamed, stamped her feet and cursed at me. I was too stunned to even speak.

The reality was, I couldnt do anything, anyway. We werent allowed to defend ourselves. The soror then grabbed me by the collar with her wrists and slammed me against a wall. Pinning me there, and screaming in my face, she looked angry enough to kill me.

During that same period, another sorority member who knew that Id had hip surgery and battled with arthritis, demanded that I run up and down several flights of stairs of a dormitory. She jumped into an elevator and told me and a few of my line sisters to race with her. We had to run up to the third floor before her elevator reached it. When we accomplished this, she ordered us to run back to the first floor. She repeated her orders several times until I was so worn out that I was nearly out of breath. At that point, she rushed over to me, yelling and calling me a loser and demanded that I quit. That day, the word, loser, took on a life of its own and would diminish my sense of confidence on many levels.

It pains me to know that, after all these years, the same type of hazing practices that made my life so miserable, are still used today. It shouldnt be surprising, however, because hazing is very much like cancer. Unless its eliminated at the root, it simply continues to spread. Its very difficult to supervise a fraternity or sororitys initiation, especially an undergraduate chapters. In fact, theres rarely an effective way to monitor hazing from the outside. It can only be stopped from within it, and enforced by the members. However, anyone whos been involved in hazing knows that theres a corruptive force that takes place. Although abused new members may have said, Id never do this to anyone, they often inflict the same cruelty that they suffered on the next line of pledges. The rituals, unfortunately, continue to spread.

The anonymity that forms with the group mentality plays a major role in this. Someone whod never lash out at anyone else can suddenly become very aggressive when surrounded by fraternity brothers or sorority sisters. The lack of accountability, coupled with the use of alcohol and drugs, adds still another dimension to an already dangerous scenario. When people are abusing substances and have substantial power over others, things can rapidly spiral out of control. It can become an explosive situation.

Many ask why hazing is so pervasive and difficult to harness. I can offer my own observations. Even after the ugly incidents and the threat of a lawsuit led to my chapters suspension, within a few years, the hazing returned. It flourished because theres a great deal of nostalgia and tradition thats interwoven into the Greek experience. The intrigue thats associated with the secrecy of an initiation draws students like a magnet.

People have an insatiable need to belong, especially young people whore just starting out on your own. Membership in a popular fraternity or sorority carries enormous clout on campus, and it can also open doors for ones career after graduation. People long for a strong sense of identity and many assume that they can satisfy this need by being part of a specific group. So, when one considers the powerful presence of Greek organizations, their impressive houses, and attractive images, they can appear as grand as the half-time show at homecoming. In fact, they are often featured at major homecoming events. Its all very seductive and it entices students to join them.

Its not until theyve actually started the pledging process that they learn of the real nature of the group, and what theyve actually signed up for. At this point, though, its hard to quit because theres an ugly stigma attached to dropping out. Those who do are usually ostracized by the entire Greek community and treated like outcasts in their own college.

I should mention that not everyone has a terrible sorority or fraternity experience. To label all of them as dangerous is completely inaccurate. There are hundreds of outstanding organizations that make valuable contributions to their communities and beyond. Many chapters offer initiation programs that are deeply rewarding, educational and socially enriching.

In fact, Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority is a highly respected organization and enjoys a long and wonderful history of notable accomplishments. I was just unfortunate to have pledged at the wrong time under the wrong women.

Over the years, Id reflect on my motivations for joining a sorority. I knew that I was searching for acceptance, purpose and an affirmation of who I was. After experiencing many of lifes trials and struggles, Id eventually embark on a spiritual journey that offered the answers I was seeking. Now, when I share the lessons that I learned, its with a desire to help others avoid the mistakes that I made and offer encouragement to those whore healing from similar experiences.

About the Author: Pamela Sherrod is an author, life coach, and producer whos established a ministry to offer art therapy to people struggling with depression, PTSD, and devastating losses. Shes produced inspirational documentaries about miracles and looks forward to producing films for youth. With the release of her new memoir, Pamela reveals the tragic events that plagued her life and triggered depression with hopes of offering encouragement to others whore battling similar problems. Her coming of age story also serves as a frightening warning to the youth about the dangers that are often present, especially where you least expect them. The book is entitled, Rough Journey to God: Scars and Memories of Bullies, Spies and Celebrities. The e-book is now available at and the paperback version will be available by mid-June 2017. Proceeds are used to support the Academy of Arts and Healing. For more information about Pamelas life coaching and ministry work, click


To order the e-book, Rough Journey to God: Scars and Memories of Bullies, Spies and Celebrities, click



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You Have A Giant Filter In Your Home, Your Carpet!!}

Submitted by: Brandon Benjamin

A home is lifeless without furniture. An office would be cipher without the common tables and chairs. Business organizations, restaurants, and other analogous locates demand some furniture to be impressive to work efficaciously. These furnishings are fundamental particulars, which is why they necessitate to be postulated care of carefully overly. You require to prefer an capable Cleaning work to defend tarnish-free furniture, which would finally head to longer-lasting equipment.

Cleaning Solutions

Do not wait for furniture and carpets to be overly lousy before intending of Cleansing them up. If you have carpets that postulate Cleaning, induce certain to know what character of material they are induced of since the case of Cleaning completely calculates on the carpet itself. The appropriate care of your carpets will definitely take them exceed the fatigue and tear. The Cleansing stuffs and solutions applied on your carpets and all other furniture is an distinguished considerateness because the comprehensive effectuate completely counts on them. For as long as you cautiously adopt the direction and form of the Cleaning proficiency being expended, you will never proceed mistaken in the entire serve. In fact, a booming general Cleansing would intend keeping more overmuch in terms of purchasing new furnishings accepting carpets.

Hiring Experts in Cleaning

Although anyone can choose to practice the Cleansing and maintenance of their furniture and carpets, some would favor to sustain the help of professionals to establish elaborate that they would not commit any fault in the process. Away from the concern of perpetrating blurt, Engaging an skilled will too keep you from the insipid procedure of Cleansing. The moment you get help from Cleansing helps, you have to position down your anticipations and specification so as to impart a clear visualizing of what you genuinely require and what they can contribute in return. Though it is not you who is moving to arrange the Cleansing, you demand to gain the Cleaning functions and how much would it cost you. Do not be terrified to demand if you do not figure something, so as not to rue in the conclusion.

Cleaning Solution For Each

The citrus solution is one Cleansing partner you require to hold. They are fantastic for furniture, floorings, and carpets. The content of the citrus solution is what creates the full Cleaning forge more capable. The solution is established of citrus flake distills that could surely clean nicer. And because of its little moisture power, carpets do require not be dried for days; instead you can tone a cleaned carpet dry up in only one to two hours. Furniture, peculiarly your couches that has undesirable marks, can be cleansed with just a few drops of citrus solution. Admired tarnishes and odor will as well be moved out with the facilitate of the citrus Cleaning solution. They do not only clean amended but you would not even smell any adhesive residual remaining behind. Immediately, you would make out your preferred even more because you would not be occupying for them to admit some spots in any of your furniture or carpet.

About the Author:

Citrus Solution

are very durable & reasonable available at


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Get Personalized Care Services With A Nurse In Morris County


A Nurse in Morris County can help you take care of yourself when an ailment is making it difficult for you to do so all alone. If you happen to be suffering from a disease that makes it difficult for you to carry out even the simplest of your daily activities by yourself, you are going to need the services of a professional caregiver. You can now have a nurse come over to your house every day or even stay with you in your house until you are cured of the disease. Serious health conditions such as partial or total disability, severe orthopedic problems, fractures etc. can be extensively limiting and make it extremely difficult for you to perform the simplest of tasks. Having someone by your side to get you through the day can be a wonderful option in such a situation.

Services Provided By a Nurse in Morris County

The Nurse in Morris County can help you with absolutely any task you aren’t able to do by yourself. This could include moving around the house, using the toilet, taking a bath or absolutely any other activity you have difficulty with. Sometimes a disease can make your body so frail and weak that you may not be able to do the simplest of things yourself. Your nurse can also help you take care of various personal grooming activities such as doing your hair, clipping your nails, wearing your makeup and other such things.

A Nurse in Morris County will also take care of your medical requirements such as administering your medication on time, monitoring your health and reporting any changes to the medical supervisor. Sometimes you may be it required to be on a specific diet. In such a case your nurse can be specially trained to cook for you under strict dietary guidelines. If you have children, you can also include it in the duties of your nurse to pick up the children from school and take care of them. In short, your Nurse in Morris County will help you with absolutely anything you need.

What to Look for in a Nurse in Morris County

Patience and education are qualities inherent to a career in nursing. When a nurse comes to your home he or she has open access to your property and valuables. Therefore it is necessary to find yourself all reliable nurse. The best option is to go through a proper agency that provides Home Care Services instead of finding an independent nursing practitioner that offers no guarantee. The education and training of the nurse is also important. While no major qualification is required, the nurse must have experience of working under a supervisor. Other qualities to look for include a friendly disposition and cheerful attitude. Make sure you find the best Nurse in Morris County to have a quick and healthy recovery.

1 Z0 347 Preparation Kits}

Submitted by: Dennisng Ng

Question: 1

You are implementing the entire suite of Supply Chain Management Cloud for an auto component manufacturing and distribution company. This company has a manufacturing facility where different auto electrical components are produced to fulfill the demand that originates from various customers. One of the components that the company sells to its customers requires specialized operations; therefore, the company outsources it to an external manufacturer instead of producing it in its own facility.

Which two steps are required to fulfill the demand for this component through outsourced

manufacturing? (Choose two.)

A. Define this component as an Item with the Contract Manufacturing field enabled and the “Make or Buy” attribute set to Buy.

B. De?ne this component as an Item with the Contract Manufacturing field enabled and the Make or Buy attribute set to Make.

C. Select the Customer Sales Order Fulfillment check box under the Procurement offering.

D. Create a sourcing rule of the Buy type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

E. Model the manufacturer to which thecomponent production is outsourced as a Supplier in the enterprise.

F. Create a sourcing rule of the Make type for this component in the selling inventory organization.

Answer: A,C

Question: 2

Which process requires the Process Supply Chain Orchestration Interface process to be executed manually so that a supply order gets created?

A. Planned Order Releases

B. Drop Shipment

C. Back-to-Back Procurement

D. Back-to-Back Contract Manufacturing

E. Min-Max planning replenishing a purchase request

Answer: E

Needs to be run manually for Inventory MINMAX


Question: 3

Identify the task that the seeded Warehouse Operator role can perform.

A. monitor and release sales orders for picking in the warehouse

B. search for a pick slip and confirm it

C. process and confirm outbound shipments

D. generate outboundshipping documentation

E. generate pick slips for picking material for outbound material movement

Answer: C

Question: 4

How does Order Management interact with multiple fulfillment systems to fulfill sales order lines?

A. It has a web service brokerthat routes requests from the Fulfillment Task Layer.

B. It has a web service broker that routes requests from the External Interface Layer.

C. The Fulfillment system routing is defined in the orchestration.

D. The sales order lines are converted to Fulfillment Lines and fed to the Fulfillment systems.

Answer: C


An orchestration process routes and manages sales orders across multiple fulfillment systems. For example, you can use a schedule, ship, and bill process to route order lines to two different enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems.


Question: 5

You are in the process of setting up a constraint that prohibits update to an extensible flexfield in a fulfillment line if Ship From Warehouse is X and the fulfillment line is booked. You are able to see the extensible flexfield on the Manage Constraint Entities page but not on the Manage Processing Constraints page.

What could be the reason?

A. The generate packages program was not submitted.

B. The Publish extensible flexfield process was not run.

C. The extensible flexfield is not enabled.

D. A Record Setneeds to be created for the extensible flexfield to be visible on the ManageProcessing Constraints page.

Answer: D


A record set is a group of records that are bound by common attribute values for the purpose of constraint evaluation. You can define conditions and specify a record set to be validated for a given condition as defined by the validation template.


About the Author: Test Information:Total Questions: 60Test Number: 1Z0-347Vendor Name: ORACLECert Name: ORACLE CLOUDTest Name: ORACLE ORDER MANAGEMENT CLOUD 2017 IMPLEMENTATION ESSENTIALSOfficial Site:

For More Details:


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