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Usa Equipment Direct: Commercial Restaurant Equipment Suppliers

At USA Equipment Direct, we pride ourselves with being a market leader when it comes to commercial restaurant equipment. We offer a wide range of quality equipment all under one roof. Whether you need a 3 compartment sink or a stainless wall cabinet, let us help you select the best commercial restaurant equipment at rock bottom prices.

We are your one stop supplier of high quality equipment for both your restaurant’s kitchen as well as front of the house. Need table bases? USA Equipment Direct has a wide variety of restaurant table bases including cast iron table bases. These elegant, yet functional pieces allow your patrons to dine in a stylish and inviting setting. Let us help you to choose the best option to suit the unique needs of your restaurant.

We carry a huge inventory of high quality food preparation equipment at rock-bottom prices. We know that a restaurant depends on its food preparation equipment day in and day out to produce the food that your customers enjoy. We have everything from restaurant work tables, 3 compartment sinks, to grease traps. Whatever your restaurant’s kitchen needs, USA Equipment Direct has you covered.


USA Equipment Direct carries a wide range of food warmers, steam tables, and sneeze guards to keep standing food at the correct temperature to ensure that the food you prepare tastes and looks as great as if it had just come off the grill. Talk to one of our helpful sales staff so we can get you the right equipment for the job.

Your cooking staff needs rugged, durable, restaurant work tables to prepare the food that keeps your customers coming back for more. We have tables in several sizes so you can choose the correct table to meet your needs. Talk to one of our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff today.

Need additional dry storage space? USA Equipment Direct has a huge selection of stainless wall cabinets that are strong, durable, and keep your inventory safe and contamination free. Their design allows for maximum inventory protection while allowing for easy access. Our inventory ensures that you will find the perfect solution for your food storage needs. One of our knowledgeable sales staff will be happy to discuss your needs and provide solutions.

No matter what your commercial restaurant equipment needs are, USA Equipment Direct takes pride in providing you with the right equipment at the right price. Whether you need table bases, 3 compartment sinks, or even a restaurant grease trap, USA Equipment Direct has it in stock and ready to ship nationwide. At USA Equipment Direct, we offer outstanding service, high quality restaurant equipment, all at rock-bottom prices. Let us show you another way to shop for restaurant equipment-the USA Equipment Direct Way.

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Sofa Tables Open Up A Small Living Space

By Jesse Akre

Whether you live in an apartment, a small home or less than spacious condo, you may have noticed there is just not enough space to have the spread out living area you had been hoping for.

For some reason, the person who designed your home did not allow ample square footage for a living room that was to really be lived in. If you want to open up this space it is going to take a bit of planning and careful furniture buying. One of the pieces of furniture you may think would not fit into the equation would be sofa tables, but you would be wrong. While you may think sofa tables are too large and bulky to be good furniture pieces for a small living space, they can actually serve a number of purposes and replace the need for a variety of other furniture pieces. This translates to space saved by having one item instead of a number of small ones.

Think about the tables you often have in your living room. There are accent tables, end tables and/or sofa tables. Think of the amount of floor space that is taken up by a pair off end tables and accent tables. Now what if you could use sofa tables to replace all these items? You would not just save the space that is being taken up by the tables themselves, but since sofa tables are put flush against the sofa, you will also be able to save yourself a little floor space on one side of the sofa tables.


Now, can sofa tables really do the jobs those other tables do? Lets look at them and find out. What do you use end tables for? End tables are generally a place to put lamps, the remote for the TV, drinks and other things you happen to have with you when you sit down. Sofa tables can do all of this as long as you choose a sofa table that is the same height of the sofa. A little twist to one side or the other and those items are set down. If you have a coffee table this can do part of the job as well.

The other reason many people have tables is to dress up the room, thus the creation of accent tables. Can sofa tables fill this role as well? Yes, they can. Many of the creators of sofa tables know they are not just a table that is always pushed behind a sofa and up against the wall, Therefore they have created sofa tables in a number of styles and designs to suit any dcor you have in place in your home. In many cases, because of their size, sofa tables can actually be more ornate and accenting than a small accent table would be.

A final boon to sofa tables is in addition to being good and attractive tables many sofa tables have storage options beneath the tabletop. This offers a way to get more clutter out of the room, and save more floor space for living.

About the Author: Jesse Akre,author and owner of numerous home decor sites, offers online consumers his thoughts on purchasing indoor accessories such as sleek and modern

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Organic Health Food Store And Your Health

By Shabi

No matter where you go or what you’re doing these days, you are sure to be bombarded on all sides by slogans, advertising campaigns and health conscious people about your own health and how to look after it properly. This extends to every aspect of your life, including what you eat and where you can get it. This is where the organic health food store comes into your otherwise peaceful existence.

You are forced to leave your normal easy lifestyle to adopt one which most definitely better suited for you, but which is also too much hassle in this and age of convenience foods.

The world might be changing its outlook on these things and finding them lacking in anything resembling nutrition, but they are the staple of you life and you have gotten used to them to such an extent that weaning you off these foods is somewhat along the lines of weaning someone off smoking twenty packs of cigarettes a day.


You have to be dragged down kicking and screaming to the nearest organic health food store by those people who profess to love and care for you, when in reality if they cared even one iota for you, they would leave you alone in your singular little rut of eating overcooked TV dinners, greasy fat-filled hamburgers and fries, and sugar laden drinks and desserts. That’s of course assuming they care about you.

But since your family and friends are heartless monsters who enjoy seeing you suffer being in the best of health, you unfortunately have no choice but to go along with their whims and fancies of the moment. And in this case, the moment seems to be stretching out into an eternity of having to eat healthy organically grown and produced foods and this in turn necessitates your having to go on a frequent basis down to your local (or nearest) organic health food store.

Of course if you really tried hard you might be able to get back to your unhealthy lifestyle of one pot of coffee in the morning and another two or three pots as the day progresses. Unfortunately though fate does not seem to be on your side and you find that even when you try to break free of the imposed health food diet, you can’t.

Why? Because now you’re used to it and all the grease in those greasy hamburgers is enough to turn you green – literally. This is unfortunately your lot in life now and you find yourself frequenting the organic health food store more and more often as your taste buds decide to rejoin the living, and your palate finds enjoyment once again in your meals.

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5 Ways To Make Your Bedroom A Peaceful Environment

By Mike Arlen

Most people want their bedroom to be a relaxing retreat from the craziness of the world, but many time it doesnt end up that way. Sometimes trouble relaxing and sleeping at night can be traced to the way the bedroom is decorated and organized. Following are some tips to keep in mind when trying to create a peaceful and relaxing environment in your bedroom.

Get Rid of the Television

The television is the number-one distraction that prevents people from falling asleep at night or being able to de-stress in their bedroom. One room in the home that a television definitely doesnt belong in is the bedroom. It has been shown that a television on before you go to sleep at night doe s more harm than good, despite the fact that some people swear by falling asleep to the TV. So when you are deciding how to design your bedroom, keep the television out of the dcor.

Choose Relaxing Colors for the Walls


If the colors in your bedroom are either too bold or too dark, that can also be a distraction. For a relaxing and peaceful environment, you need to start with by putting colors on the walls that are also relaxing and peaceful. Neutral or pastel colors are usually best, including tan, cream, light pink, and light yellow. You want to avoid harsh colors such as red, black, and dark green, as they can actually affect your mood in a negative way.

Get a Comfortable Bed and Mattress

While its nice to have wood beds that match your wood bedroom furniture dcor, its much more important to be sure that its comfortable. After all, if your bed and mattress are uncomfortable, its only going to make it more difficult for you to fall asleep at night. If no other bed is going to do, then be sure to make up for any awkwardness by buying a comfortable mattress for the bed.

Include a Water Feature in the Bedroom

If youre looking for something to help you be able to relax at night, a water feature such as a small fountain in your bedroom might be just the thing. Many find the soft trickle of water a great sound to fall asleep to at night. For many, the sound helps clear and calm the mind, allowing them to fall asleep much faster. Do be sure, however, that the sound of water is soothing and not annoying to you before placing a water feature in your bedroom.

Buy the Proper Window Treatments to Block Out the Light

In the bedroom, window treatments have double duty. Although they should add some style and character to the rooms dcor, they also need to be functional. Unless you prefer getting up at 5:00 a.m. when the sun starts to rise, you need to have window treatments in your bedroom that will block out the light. You can also choose to dress the window with a great curtain or valance and then add a pair of functional blinds.

When you go to decorate your bedroom, first think about what items help you to relax. In the end, these are the items that you need to incorporate into the style of the room. Its important to remember that just because a dcor item fits perfectly with a rooms theme doesnt necessarily mean it belongs in your bedroom.

About the Author: Mike Arlen is a writer for

and is currently remodeling and decorating his new colonial style home. If you want to learn more about improving your home, interior design, or

bedroom decorating

in general you can visit his blog at


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Add Flair To Your Home: Use Decorative Picture Frames

By Benedict Smythe

Most people look at picture frames simply as a convenient way to hang pictures on the wall. However, these frames have evolved over the years to be appreciated as an art all its own.

There are various decorative frames available. You can choose to purchase them at local malls or have a custom made frame for you specifically designed for your special piece of art. For example, bright colored frames can have words such as Its a girl! to enclose a picture of a brand new baby girl. Other frames can have shapes like cars or pets. If your budget will allow, you can also get styles that can reflect bygone eras with sophisticated elegance. Expensive frames can create drama and flair to your home.

Some people prefer a unified look, hanging the same style of frame in every room, while others will vary the style in each picture. Whats important is that you have to make sure that the frames will coordinate to some of the furniture in the room. If you have country or traditional furnishings, you can hang mostly wood frames. Or if you have a modern design, displaying metal frames usually works best.


Its best to choose wisely and look at many styles of these decorative picture frames before you decide whats best for you. There are a lot of internet sites that offer a service of browsing the pictures and comparing the appearance and price of different frames. You can even take advantage of a free feature where you can download copies of the image or art that you will frame, and you will be able to see it with the different frames around it in a wide array of style. This is very helpful especially if you are decorating or renovating your home.

Picture frames can add to your dcor or room concept. In fact, some people just hang frames without pictures to provide an artistic decoration of their wall. If you will get various ornate, gilt-edged frames, in a combination of different textures of contemporary art, you can create an interesting conversation piece and accent in your room. And these frames can be inexpensive too! Sometimes you can see some unique finds in flea markets or garage sales.

Decorative picture frames date back 3,000 years ago, and was first used as a religious art. These were the heavy frames encrusted with jewels, and laden with elaborate designs. With the start of 15th century Renaissance, the wealthy merchants and aristocrats decided to commission craftsmen to create elaborate and elegantly carved frames to enclose their portraits. They used these frames to reflect their social status. Until today, the value of hand-crafted items such as picture frames continue to be appreciated and given due recognition as artistic pieces.

Today, the evolution of picture frames bring to us materials made of brass, glass, or plastic. Yet some traditional home owners still choose the classic Baroque and Rococo for the elegance of the design.

So whatever you choose, do not forget to accentuate your home with these decorative picture frames. They are an integral part of your dcor and can truly define your unique taste.

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