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Used pallet racks save companies as much as 40% of the purchase cost of new equivalents. Used pallet racking by Easy Rack is available in all standard types, sizes, and styles on a nationwide basis. Pallet racking systems can also be custom designed with the assistance of an Easy Rack material handling specialist. They can be built to match interior warehousing conditions, terrain, specific climate, and the seismic environment of a particular region of the country.

Our most popular form of used pallet racking is the teardrop design.

This design is the industrial standard for most industrial racking applications. Used teardrop pallet racks are constructed using a boltless design that makes assembly and adjustment easier. This also makes the platform much more stable and prevents it from buckling in the middle. Used teardrop pallet racking is braced with heavy channel steel and supported by tensile steel columns that keep the entire structure immobile and thus much more stable when storing a large amount of weight.

Industrial and Heavy duty used pallet racking is built for fork truck access in high traffic areas. Used pallet racking of this capacity can handle up to 48,000 pounds of weight. These systems are typically custom built with industrial strength, structural steel in order to withstand accidental forklift collisions.


Used pallet rack decking is usually made from wire. Wire decking typically comes in wither waterfall, reverse waterfall, or lay-in design. Steel decks are used for the most heavy-duty industrial storage provided they comply with fire codes.

In medium and light duty storage, wire decks are generally preferred because of fire control issues. If the sprinkler system in a warehouse or factory is triggered, water can flow between the mesh of the wire without being stopped by a solid platform. The opposite is true with wood and other forms of solid decking. In fact, many fire codes now require wire decking for this reason.

Custom-built used pallet racking is available upon request. Two of our most popular system types are warehouse pallet systems and structural pallet systems.

Used warehouse pallet racking is built to organize and store materials that anticipate future expansion. These systems are designed so they can be adapted and expanded as the size and storage needs of a facility increases. Custom designs allow for modifications to maximize vertical cube and floor space, depending on the direction of the expansion. This offers a company the most flexible storage system within safety parameters and optimizes efficient forklift access to materials.

Used Structural Pallet Racking is built for impact resistance in high traffic areas. Easy Rack builds structural upright systems in a variety of well-known, standard styles such as Inca, Sturdibilt, Steel King, Frazier, Arco, and Speedrack.

If you are uncertain which type of used pallet rack, supports, system style, or deck you require for your organization, it is best to have a custom system built to the exact specifications of your storage facility, the parameters of your operations, and the changes anticipated due to forecasted growth. If you provide your Easy Rack specialist with these details, we can perform all the necessary calculations to build your system to safely maximize your storage space and improve your inventory control.

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