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Christine Bounds

Are you planning to get a dog? A big dog maybe something you want, perhaps? One that can cope well with your life-style? Walk with you in the backyard or just around the block? Take part in games like ‘catch’ with you in the park? Do you want a family pet that looks haunting or one that’s really imperial looking? Do you want a family pet that low-maintenance? Of course, with your on the go life style, you might not have time for all the grooming that needs to be done. If the above makes up the sort of what makes your ideal dog, then you should think about getting a weimaraner. And, to assist you move things along, here are several weimaraner training tips you can use.

Tip 1 – You Are the Alpha dog

When it comes to training dogs, weimaraners or otherwise, you have to remember that you need to always be the superior animal/alpha dog. Dog owners will realize that their pets are all sorts of things, they are incredibly good-natured, they are loving, and at the same time, they are pack dogs. This ensures that they look to a leader for guidance and for leadership.


If you have ever been the master to more than 2 dogs at once, then you’ll notice that there is one animal that certainly stands out as dominant. If you wish to have obedient dogs under your care then you ought to assume the dominant position. You need to be the alpha male, the alpha family pet, the one they all look up to, and the one they would not dare disobey or usurp without risking your disapproval.

It is essential to establish supremacy when it pertains to weimaraner training tips. Do so and you’ll find that your weimaraner will follow your commands much speedier.

Tip 2 – Find a Way to Deal With Separation Anxiety

Separation anxiety is a usual issue among weimaraners. Since the dogs were bred to be true companions, they have a tendency to pick up a incredibly strong attachment with their owners. It is this kind of attachment that makes them susceptible to developing separation anxiety. To manage to train your dog properly, he/she should be left alone without developing anxiety.

Tip 3 – Exercise to Keep away Boredom

Weimaraner Training Tips can also include the value of managing any considerations that may affect the effectiveness of training and thus causing delays. If your family pet keeps on chewing things or barking at things even after you tell him ‘no’ then there is a very good chance that he is having problems with boredom. Weimaraners are active animals – they were created to be just like that. To keep your weimaraner from getting bored, you need to take them on regular runs and walks.

Tip 4 – Make Sure You Have Everyone On one page

When it pertains to training weimaraners, it is essential that you make sure you get everyone in the family on the same line. This will show your pet weimaraner consistency. You don’t wish to have you family pet ignore your order of not jumping on the divan just because someone else in the family permits him to just that.

Use the weimaraner training tips above to assist you with your pet weimaraner training program. They can allow you to train your dog better.

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