Tips To Find An Electrician For Your Generator Repair


Melville Jackson

There are various DIY jobs we find around our home that are both interesting and exciting. However, repairing the generator is not one of them. If you are not an expert then trying to fix a generator with a minor problem may create a bigger problem. Hence, it is always advisable to leave such jobs to the experts. By experts we mean someone who has the right credentials to do the job right. What you need in this case would be a good electrician. Here are a few pointers to help you find one –

Know your expectations

Before venturing out to find a good electrician it is always best to make note of the job you want done, so that when you speak to the electrician you would be able to get an estimate.

Ask for reviews

Ask around to get recommendations from:


1. Friends, relatives and neighbours

2. Your local building inspector

3. Your building supply store

4. The Better Business Bureau

Compile a list of the names that each one gives you, and compare them. The names that appear on at least two of the lists are the better ones, since they have a reputation for quality work.

Call and interview

It is a good idea to narrow your list down to a maximum of five names. Call each of the electricians and ask them to visit your home so that they can see the work required and give you an estimate. Once they are at your home, show them the generator and ask for a written estimate for repairing the same. While you do so you can tactfully ask them about their experience and their qualifications. Once they leave your house you can compare the information you have, to determine which one of them you want to hire.

Draw up an agreement

Once you have selected the best electrician, according to you, ask him to draw up an agreement that outlines all aspects of the project at hand. This would include particulars such as the estimated amount and timeframe to repair the generator.

Finding a good electrician for generator repair work is a little difficult. However, with a little hard work it can be made easy. For generator repair, Northern Virginia residents can now heave a sigh of relief. Login to for assistance with generator repair in Northern Virginia.

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