Retirement Planning For A Second Childhood

Retirement planning for a second childhood



Everything comes with an expiry date your loaf of bread, your tomato ketchup. Your career isn t any different, for it comes with an expiry date too when you finally have to bid adieus to your job and sit at home. It is really common for people past their prime to have sleepless nights as retirement comes closer. All vital and scaring thoughts engulf the mind, such as how will life get managed post retirement, how will finances be managed etc. These thoughts during the retirement phase can be quite frightening. But if you want to avoid such thoughts, you can put them all to rest provided you start your

retirement planning

early in life.

During childhood, we ve absolutely no source of income and we are dependent on our parents. Old age is no different. Perhaps, that s why old age is known as the second childhood. The only difference here is that with age, you are expected to become wiser and look after your own self.

Retirement planning

makes you mentally and emotionally prepared for going very easily through this phase which most people dread. But trust us, there s nothing to get scared of if you get hold of a wise advisor who can guide you to the best

retirement plans


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While most people dread retirement, it in fact should be the totally opposite. This phase is meant to be totally enjoyed because you deserve every bit of enjoyment after toiling hard day and night for decades at a stretch. The efforts that you ve put in your entire life should culminate into the fruit sweets of labor meant to be enjoyed lifelong. This can be made possible by choosing a good

retirement plan

that suits your lifestyle and your income.

Retirement plans

are so diverse and varied that you can find one for every kind of lifestyle. It won t be difficult to find one that suits your needs to, provided you have a genuine advisor to guide you.

What are the benefits of a good

retirement planning


Since the average life expectancy is increasing with each passing decade, people now live much longer. A comfortable long life will only be possible when you have discretionary income at your disposal. A good

retirement planning

will help you lead a convenient as well as luxurious lifestyle after retirement.

Reliving your old days: An ideal life of any individual is to age with his friends and after retirement, spend a lot of time together daily. If you want to relive the days of your youthful glory without worrying about the money you are capable of spending, you really need to start investing early in a good

retirement plan


It helps you get rid of boredom: Investing in the

best retirement plan in India

is not only about being able to lead a comfortable retired life, but also about planning how to wisely spend time in the future. You just can t have fun daily because you will eventually get bored. If you have wisely invested your money for future, you can pursue activities you ve always wanted to, and thus avoid sitting at home daily and get bored!

Unique best

retirement planning

and Analysis advices are offered by our team of experts in Delhi, Mumbai India. We employ top

retirement plans

India and consultants to help you find the best retirement plan in India .

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If You Are Planning A Backyard Pool Or Pond You Will Need Excavating In Mendham Nj

byAlma Abell

If you are like most homeowners your thoughts start turning to landscaping each spring. As soon as the weather starts warming up your mind starts filling with all the things that you want to do with your yard. Whether you want to install decorative sidewalks, or build a fire pit, Bednar Landscape Services can help turn your landscaping dreams into a reality.

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A landscaping company will be able to help you design a yard that will be beautiful and functional. Above all else, you want your yard to be functional, especially if you and your family enjoy spending quality time in your yard. Depending on the projects you have planned for your yard, you may require excavating in Mendham NJ. If your plans involve building a swimming pool or pond, you are going to need professional excavating in Mendham NJ.

In addition to excavation, Bednar Landscaping Services also provide for all of your other landscaping needs, as well. When planning your landscaping it is important that you consider things like the climate you live in, the activities you and your family enjoy, as well as the amount of space that you have available. Once you have those items thoroughly considered, your landscaper will be able to sit down with you.

Landscaping is not just about the plants. It is also about the walkways, patios, and cook stations. If you have dreamed of having a built-in cook station in your yard, a landscape architect can design the perfect space for you to entertain friends and family. They will also help you design your deck so that it works well with the design of your home. Your yard can be an extension of your home. In fact, during spring and summer your yard can become additional living space if you have a well-designed deck and patio area.

As soon as you are ready to get outside and start on your landscaping projects, call the professionals. They will be able to answer all of your questions, and help you get your yard ready for all those nights of summertime entertainment under the stars. Visit our Website for more details.

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Visalus Sciences Takes On Nutrition And Wellness Nutrition Industry To Top 1 Trillion By 2011 Top Ten Reasons To Take A Look

By Alecia Barnes

The Health and Wellness industry is expected to be a trillion dollar industry by the year 2010, as baby boomers and fitness enthusiasts alike continue to invest in products and services that help them to maintain their health and youthful vitality.

According to Paul Zane Pilzer , a world renowned economist, this $200 billion industry is beginning to take off, and is expected to create an additional 1 trillion dollars in demand for products and services related to making us look and feel good, as well as slow the effects of aging, and in some cases prevent diseases altogether.

Who wants to look good, and feel good?

The baby boomer generation continues to be a buzz word in several industries, and the focus of many industries attention due to the purchasing power these baby boomers represent. The sheer purchasing power of the dynamic demographic is causing many industries to invest in the creation of products and services that specifically cater to this niche.

In short, this demographic has money, and theyre ready to spend it on products designed to maintain and increase their quality of life and their health through their retirements.

The clich saying 60 is the new 40 is ringing truer as many turn to the health and wellness industry to slow and even reverse the signs of aging, and new and all natural health products are being designed with the baby boomer purchasing power in mind.

What are the concerns of baby boomers as they creep closer and closer to the golden years of retirement? Retirement and financial security concerns, health, looking and feeling younger, and continuing education are just the tip of the iceberg.

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Due to a growing awareness of how important proactive health management is, the majority of over $200 billion in sales from the health and wellness industry is generated through vitamin sales and health club memberships.

What does this growing trend represent to the average person, and how does it relate to the current state of the economy.


The growth of the health and wellness industry represents an income stream for those who see an opportunity, and are wise enough to leverage this knowledge into an income for themselves.

Network Marketing and the Health and Wellness industry

The following trends are things that you should look for when looking for the right health and wellness opportunity in order to profit tremendously for this lucrative industry.

1. Timing is everything. It may be tempting to join well established companies, however if they are really large organizations, the ability to build true, life changing wealth and a healthy, large organization may be limited. Opportunities in the pre-launch phase, as well as ground floor opportunities where you can get in at the start are a better alternative.

2. The company should offer consumable products that are in high demand, and of high quality. Your customers can try these products and it will create return business through re-orders.

3. Look for opportunities that offer a compensation plan that rewards the many, rather than the few. A residual income component is a huge bonus and is income that you will receive long after you have done the hard work, and will pay you as your organization continues to grow.

4. Find a company on the verge of momentum, or in the midst of hitting momentum is a good opportunity to get involved with. Simply put, the buzz is becoming a roar about the opportunity, pay plan and products.

5. It is more about the team that you join, rather than the opportunity that you join. What is the track record of the person presenting the opportunity? How large is their organization? What is their retention rate? How do they market? You must interview many people, and be picky about who you decide to join.

6. Attend the training and opportunity calls prior to joining, and look for companies that are using modern technology. Look for systems that are simple to duplicate, that have simple systems to follow and that the systems have proven to work well for others. If the majority in the company is having success by using the systems in place, your future down-line will be able to duplicate your efforts.

7. Be willing to be trainable, find a mentor, and do what your mentor tells you to do.

8. Make realistic goals and post those goals where you can see them on a daily basis. Be accountable to your goals, and do not allow yourself to give yourself excuses.

9. Due your due diligence, and trust your gut. If something about the company does not feel right, get on the internet, do your research and check facts. Do not be afraid to call the home office and ask a lot of questions.

10. Invest in yourself, and feed your mind. I highly recommend that you purchase the book Your first year in Network Marketing by Mark Yarnell.

About the Author: Alecia Barnes is a successful internet entrepreneur who is passionate about proactive health and wellness nutrition for the enhancement of healthy lifestyles.

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