HR Intranet can prove to be a Boon to your HR departmentHR Intranet ~ As the professional world has switched from being in the office to be in front of their laptop screens,Human Resource: The Unsung Hero ~HR Intranetas the Saviour

HR – one of the most essential yet underrated departments in every organization. The department that maintains the internal work environment as well as brings in the best talent from various sources to enhance it!The department that keeps upwith all the small and bigintra-organizationalresponsibilities,such asemployee wellness,payroll management,grievanceredressal, employee engagement, workplace-policyenforcement, day to day operational management and of course, recruitment and onboardingin order to deliver the best workplace experience to each and every employee in an organization.

What poses the greater challenge is the popular belief that an HR cannot function properly unless they are directly incontactwith all the employeesbut the present scenario keeps all thepossibilitiesof suchreal-lifeencounters at bay andthe HR department too needs to find a digital way out to keep up their usual productivity and more during these conditions as well. Here’s where an Intranet can truly proclaim itself to be a Savior.

How an HR Intranet can Benefit your HR department

Building a sense of trust and security within the organization isn’t a task as easy as it seems. Instilling belongingness and loyalty in every employees’ mind is quite a tricky task and requires crucially extra efforts when it needs to be done remotely without having the scope for organizational intermingling for months. Here’s when harnessing the collaborative powers of an intranet comes to the rescue.

As the HR department is expected to be involved with a huge amount of data and information that needs to organized as well as be passed on to the concerned employee, department or the organization as a whole, utilizing a well-designed modern SharePoint intranet can do wonders for them.

Get to know how your HR Department can benefit from an HR Intranet


1. Information Management

The HRs can use the intranet as the one-stop-solution to all the information that might be required to be stored, searched or circulated. A number of widgets such as Announcements, Birthdays, Work Anniversaries, Leave stats, Team information,Employee Directory,Organization Chartcan be put to work to keep everyone updated and acknowledged alike. Quick navigation and search features of the intranet will ensure easy access to those information which otherwise would have consumed a huge amount of time, if provided on demand-basis, thus saving the precious time of both the employees and the HRs.

2. Suggestion Corner

An HR department that aligns well with the needs and expectations of the employees it the one considered to be asuccessfulone. An HR should regularly gather feedback and suggestions from the employees onvariousorganizational issues be itas simple asa celebration plan, an online get together, the menu preference at the office party, etc.or as formal as thepreferredemployee benefitspolicy,leave policies, travel policies etc.

An intranet can be used to gather such feedbacks across the organizationwithjust afewclickswith a number of interactive features like forms and polls. This will not only let the HR department take up thedecisions accepted and supported by the majority of the workforce but also help them make the employees enjoy a sense of ownership over the organizational decisions.

3. Community and Network Management

Be it your personal life or professional, relationships play a crucial role in our survival and successbe it the relationship between a manager and an employee, between twocolleagues, between board members, with investors, clients and so on. An intranet provides a great platform to nurture these relationships with better and enhanced communication.

Human Resource is the sole in chargeof enhancing the organizational community, workplace cultureand formal as well as informal employee networking.

An intranet can be used tomaintain a proper record ofbirthdays, workanniversaries,eventcalendars,personal feats of employees, and much more. Posting event announcements, fun office jokes and jargon, event photos and videos,or organizing fun polls on the intranetcanbe a great help in keeping the employees engages and building up their rapport with each other.

4. Performance Management

Intranet readily can act as a quite effective as well as transparent platform for performance management.

This particular personalized section can be added to the dashboard of each employee to include documents such as JD, KRAs,etc.that canbe backed up with business apps and utilities such asIdea Board,Kanban App,Project Tracker,Timesheetsetc.

This section can be accessible to the employee and their reporting manager to allow them tocontinuously evaluate and review the performance of the employee, leading to better productivity. Appraisals can take place on the same platform as well.

5. Recruitment

An HR intranet can be a great resource to the recruiters. It can easily be used to facilitatethe internal recruitment, departmental switchesandreferral systemby making theexternal as well as internalvacancies known to all on the hr intranet dashboard, thus making the recruitment process quick and transparent.Employee directoryembedded in the intranet itself canestablisha clear departmental clarity and connectivityamong the employees.

Additionally, dedicated intranet sections within the HR intranet portal can be created for each recruitment drive to connect all the interview panelists to ease the process of centralized discussions and shortlisting.

6. Training and Feedback

The pre-joining courses that the interns and trainees might need to go through before joining or in their very initial days before starting their work under someone’s mentorship can be managed and the performance evaluation can be done on the intranet by the recruiters. It can be a very convenient platform to track and monitor their learning speed and course completion accompanied by frequent feedback from the new joineeas well.


Theonboardingprocessbecomes extensively easy if the HR chooses to introduce the new employees to the organization with a catchy and innovative widget on the intranet, be it a flashcard, a textual welcome, an introduction video, and so on.All thecompanypolicies can be stored in a dedicated HR portal in the intranet that can be shared with the newemployeeson joiningand can be ever accessibleto every employee while keeping the accessibility permissions intact for each job profile.

Offboarding, though underrated, is a very important step to maintain a healthy relationship with the ex-employees and should be carried out with utmost care so thatthose biddingadieuto the organization take only the positives to their next company.Along with the usual farewell, a virtual farewell on the company intranet portal can be a great idea to make their last moments in the organization absolutely awesome.